The Last We Fake

Season 1 Trailer

January 21, 2022 Alan Rifkin Season 1 Episode 0
The Last We Fake
Season 1 Trailer
Show Notes

Season 1, titled “The Drift That Follows Will Be Gradual,” threads together a reporter's cherished past—1980s, Los Angeles—and his mentally ill millennial son’s determination to claim his own season in the sun. Jeffrey Leviton is a fading romantic, twice divorced, with visions of literary grandeur. Beginning in the 1980s, a golden age of magazine journalism and a period of unmatched freedom in Los Angeles, and continuing through the convulsions of the 2010s, Leviton grows through a harrowing crucible of circumstances—romantic chaos, alcoholic recovery, homelessness, and cultural transition—all while attempting to anchor his son Philip’s precarious security. Part father-son drama, part roman a clef of a changing LA, the eight linked stories—bittersweet, sometimes funny, deliciously messy—stumble toward redemption through themes both So Cal and global: the ache of cultural drift, the alienation of the awkward and the uncelebrated in the 21st Century, and the timelessness of young dreams.

Debuts February 2022.

Host Alan Rifkin's novels, essays and short stories of Los Angeles have been published widely. Find out more about him at

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Podcast art by Ryan Longnecker.

Special thanks to Ben Rifkin, Sarah Fleming, Chip Rice, John Gould, Gary Commins, Sheila Finch, and Brandon Cook.

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