The Last We Fake

S3 E7 - The Celebrity by Catherine Hein: Episode 7, "Man, Woman, Food, Bird, Insanity"

September 30, 2023 Alan Rifkin Season 3 Episode 7
The Last We Fake
S3 E7 - The Celebrity by Catherine Hein: Episode 7, "Man, Woman, Food, Bird, Insanity"
Show Notes

"In a couple days, either this would all prove to be a huge comedy of errors, or nothing would ever be the same...."

It's existential overload for Wanda, as sex life, pet care, family catastrophe and unanswered phones collide with an all-powerful tub of vanilla ice cream.

In what one listener describes as "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" if it were written by a woman, Catherine Hein's historical novel  traces the journey of Wanda Fleming, the tenacious, calamity-prone co-host fatale of TV's Daytalk in the spring of 1962.

Called to her grandmother's funeral in Orange County, the heroine must face life without her closest ally, settle on one lover, conquer her eating disorder, and ace a round of Password in order to secure a coveted game-show gig. . . if the world doesn't change too much first.

Hein's former life took her from 20 years in the entertainment industry to two years in a homeless women's shelter. That's where Wanda, the reigning spirit of this epic two-volume novel of early ‘60s Hollywood, was born.

Hein's other writing credits include The Bob Newhart Show and a children's story series in The Los Angeles Times about a traveling circus in occupied France.  She now holds a master’s degree in English and an MFA in Fiction from California State University, Long Beach.

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